6 Really Easy Domain Name Generators

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Finding the most perfect, unique and fitting domain name can be a challenge, A Domain name generator however can make this process much smooth and easier if you know which one to use.

You can get the help of domain generator tools available on the internet to get the various choices and different types of word combination for your domain name.

8Honorable Mentions

The following entries either never made our list or deserve mentioning.

  • NamepOpt – Currently in Beta, NameOpt is a simple domain name generator which generates a list of multiple domain name suggestions and their color-coded availability (red = taken and available). Domain suggestions can be generated using a REGEX expression and/or customizable patterns such as [prefix]pro.com.
  • Profitblitz: 230+ Domain Name Ideas for Your New Websites and Blogs – Is the domain that you had in mind taken?  Get brainstorming with Profitblitz list of over 230+ Prefix and suffix words you could use to easily create your next domain name.
  • Domain Wheel – A great domain name suggestion tool which allows you to enter in your keyword, brand, name, noun, and ideas into its search box before spinning up tons of only available domain name suggestions. It even goes as far as to suggest “Sounds Like” and “Random Suggestions” for the keyword you searched for.
  • Domain Puzzler – A simple domain generation tool, Domain Puzzler takes the puzzle out of generating domain name dieas  with its simple “Easy”, “Advanced” and “Magic” based domain name generations. Results then list availabiltiy and the ability to add entries to your favourites list.
  • Bust A Name – The aptly named “Bust A Name” Domain name generator allows you to “Bust” or Spin random domain name suggestions from given keywords and customizable filters.
  • Domains Bot – This tool allows punch in a few keywords, press enter and view filterable list of available domain names. You can then select from the list of domains which you would like to purchase.
  • Name Station – create a Name station account which gives you full access to its Domain name generators, Instant availability checker, Public name contests and Keyword suggestions.
  • NameStall – Yet another domain name suggestion tool which allows you a number of filters to arrive at the perfect domain name suggestion.
  • Impossibility! – Want a blog called the TechOink? Impossibility unravels the impossibility of finding great domain name suggestions with its easy to use domain generator. Just select whether “verb”, “adjective” etc, whether to add your keyword to the “beggining” or “end” of the generated suggestions and click search.
  • I Want My Name – enter your keyword into the search field and a long list of domain names of varying extensions will be listed along with thier pricing.
  • Dot-o-Mator – This is the ultimate domain name generation tool you want ot use in order to come upwith name you would’nt otherwise brainstorm or which require a long list. Depenging of your needs, either select the name list for “beginnings” or “endings” and click combine which generates keyword combined domain suggestions. You can then add additional keywords on either sides of the name lists for better results.
  • Cool Name Ideas – If you generating a domain name for a businesss then this tool with its various buisness specific filters will generate avaialable domain names and whther or not hte twitter handle is readily available.
  • Nominus – A cool complete domain name generator  which generates domain name suggestion based on your keyword(s) along with “Related Domains” and “More Possibilities”. You can add domain name sugestions to your list of favourites or purchase a domain.
  • Domainr – “Find your perfect name” with Domainr’s instant domain name suggestion tool.
  • Name Tumbler – “We Figure out the combination to unlock the perfect domain for you.” Put in your search terms and we will let you know what’s available.

Namemesh is usually my first option when it comes to generating a unique domain name. The app generates the suggestion for a domain name using various factors such as Common, SEO, NEW, Short, FUN, Mix, Extra and Similar.

Operated by the creators of WordPress, Automattics’ Lean Domain Search generates a long list of available domain combinations which are favorable to your choice.

Clicking on entry check’s if the .com extension is available and whether the twitter handle is also available. If its available the entry will stay green but will go red if the name is taken. You then have the option to register your domain via WordPress.com or BlueHost.

Users can sort results by popularity, length and alphabetically. You can even filter your searched word from the start or end for the list of results.

Ultimately Lean Domain Search is to be used when the .com you want is taken and you want a domain with the same word.

If your looking to start an ecommerce brand or a Shopify store then the Shopify Business Name generator is the perfect solutions.

Shopify Business Name generator generates over 100 suggestions containing your keyword. Once you have found a name, you can reserve that brand name on spotify.

Nameboy dubs itself the “oldest and most popular domain name generator in the world”. The name generator is perfect for business name generation.

Just enter one or two keyword(s) into the search box and you will be presented with a list of names. Clicking on view details only presents a deal from BlueHost hence the only good that comes from this tool is the available names.

3Launchaco [shuttered]

Acquired by Namecheap, Launchaco is a website builder with a logo and domain name generator. Launchaco’s acquisition has lead to the closure of the logo and name generator with more concentration given on its website builder.

The Launchaco name suggestion tool offers great alternative startup domain names if your dream domain is taken along with a social handle checker.

Not only does Launchaco provide a way to find your perfect domain name for whatever the purpose may be but it also offers a website builder and logo creator.

Panabee takes the generation of names beyond only giving you a list of available or unavailable domain names.

The App gives you suggestions, related terms, various TLD suggestions, App Names, social media usernames and the security that your names won’t be stolen once the system generates you a name.

Instant domain name search tops our list dues its combination of being a domain name availability, domain name suggestion and expiration tool.

Place your keyword into the search field and it will instantly tell you whether the domain you desire is available, alternative domains and possible price if you want afford to purchase the domain from its existing owner.

Those are the best Domain name Generators from across the web. Ultimately: If you either don’t have the Time or Specialization for coming up with a new domain name with the help of these tools… don’t be afraid to hire a Branding/Naming Specialist.

Is there one you believe should be included on our list? What is your experience using a domain Name generator? Leave your Feedback below in the comments section.