Google Adsense Android users like Jared and Myself were surprised to find a small cat or dog paw within the apps logo. The icon appeared after an update on December 1 inclusive with additional features, many of which didn’t work properly.

Updates to the Andriod app included a new payments section, bid types, targeting types and Ad networks.

What Happened?

The Icon is an indicator that there was a mistaken beta update made to the Adsense Andriod App per Information gained from a discussion thread at WebMaster World,.

Adsense App Dog Paw explanation

Users on the thread also confirmed having issues per the apps update.

There are no official statements made anywhere to indicate any issues.

Lets hope the app reverts safely within 24 hours to its previous state and that users of the app don’nt have to wait long to truely recieve the features the Adsense Andriod App mistaken released.