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It doesn’t matter whether you are a Marketer or the common manURL shortening providers enhance a links memorability and readability. A link can be longer than a distracting, horrible and/or Complex URL.

Google Recently announced the eventual closure of . The Google a URL shortening provider which has been around since 2009. So what are the options when it comes to finding alternatives to

One of the most used Alternative to or any URL Shortening Service for that matter. Bitly has shortened over 39.5 billion links and going. You will find the platform integrated into a wide array of Third Parties such as Tweetdeck. 

The Bitly Blog has even created a guide for users Coming from, they have tips.

Features: Branded Links, Real-time Analytics, Mobile Deep Links and Data Management. You can view 30 day analytics, create 500 Branded Bitlinks and 1000 Total Bitlinks at the free Plan.

Premium Features: Unlimited custom branded links, Export analytics beyond a 30-day range, Centralized campaign performance reports, Route users by device type, app presence and location, Scale with API integrations, many user seats and Unlimited custom branded links.

Pricing: Pricing depends on the size of your company and.or demand. A Pricing chart wasn’t listed anywhere. There is even a Landing page at This landing page gives you the option to contact Bitly Dash for an Enterprise Upgrade.

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Owly by popular Social Media Management Application HootSuite, is another popular alternative. Used within HootSuite for all social media links,  sharing files, images and videos.

Learn More about Owly – Hootsuite


TinyURL, once more popular than Bitly or is still used today. The Free URL Shortening service provides a couple more characters compared to others. You can customize the end letters and numbers on TinyURL, an option which is great for branding.

Perfect for quick URL shortenings, The service doesn’t offer a control panel. If simplicity is your desire, TinyURL is the solution.

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Minimalist, IS.GD serves up nothing more than a field to input your long link so you can transform into a shorter one.

Like TinyURL, ISGD doesn’t have a dashboard or some of the advanced options listed by others on this list. The service is perfect for situations where you need a quick URL Shortening.

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Bitdo allows you to customize link characters and receive real-time analytics. You can do all this with or without an account.

Premium Features & Pricing: If you would like to use it on your own domain. Bitdo offers a Hosted and Managed Premium service via two plans. The Basic Plan ($85/month) or the Enterprise plan ($250/month).

The basic plan provides Up to 30,000 clicks/month while Enterprise Provides up to 200,000 clicks/month. The Enterprise Plan also has an Account manager, full support, high-performance server, a secure server (domain with https). Both Plans having the following features:

  • Use your own custom short domain name (or a custom domain name for your client)
  • Link migration (link list upload)
  • Full stats for each URL (click date, number of clicks, IP, country and more)
  • Password-protected stats & links
  • Multiple users (link managers) for the same account
  • Bulk link creation and integration/automation
  • Link management (edit link destination, remove/delete old links)
  • Group links by category (e.g. a board of sites, clients, projects, each with their own link list). Because more than just a URL shortener, we want to be a link management service.
  • Callback actions to customer site (e.g: a specific page in user’s site can be called each time someone clicks a link and this can start some action like an email can be sent, or store logs in the server with user parameters, or run some script) – we already received a request for this feature.
  • Custom features (development upon request)
  • Support by phone and email

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AdFly with over 5.4 Million registered users and 6.6 Million visits. It goes beyond being a simple URL Shortening service, Offering users a way to earn money from link visits. A great option for monetizing high trafficked links. The more visitors to a link, the more money earned.

Features: Creating an AdFly account gives detailed link/earning statistics, Easy-to-use API and low minimum payouts via PayPal as low as $5.

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Yourls is a self-hosted short open source software you can install on your web hosting. Self Hosting opens venues, You have the option of installing it for a new URL, on a new subdomain or a subdirectory.

Features: Private (your links only) or Public (everybody can create short links, fine for an intranet), Sequential or custom URL keyword, Handy bookmarklets for quick URL Shortening and sharing, Deep stats(historical click reports, referrers tracking, visitors geo-location), Neat Ajaxed interface, Cool developer API, Full jsonp support, Friendly installer, Sample files to create your own public interface. The Terrific Plugin architecture allows you to put in place new features.

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Premium Features: If you need a custom plugin and/or features not either already available as a plugin or within the software, you will need a web developer who will either create a plugin or use the Yourls API.

Pricing: The Cost of a domain name ($12 per year) and website hosting. Web Hosting can go as low as, Shared Hosting at $150 per year and VPS such as DigitalOcean $60 per Year.

Want to Test Yourls? Our Operator has an URL shortener service at BITPin. BITPin uses this script via a custom frontend to provide free URL Shortening.

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Rebrandly aimed at “create and share short links with your custom domain name”. One thing to keep in mind when choosing Rebrandly is that you will have to use a new custom domain. i.e, you cannot use an existing domain that is already in use.

Features: Free includes basic features like custom slugs, basic tracking, limited API access.

Premium Features: Premium features depend on the chosen plan. There is also premium features such as the increased limit on branded links and API access, UTM parameter support, retargeting, emojis on links, dedicated support, domain redirection, multiple custom domains, CDN support, etc. You can know more about the pricing and features from this page

Pricing: while Rebrandly has a Free Plan which includes 1K Branded links and 1 Custom domain. If you want to go beyond the Free plan, there are the Smart ($19 per month), Pro ($99 per month), and Power ($499 per month) plans.

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GeniusLink is a Premium URL Shortening service for bloggers, Marketers and businesses. Great for Amazon Affiliates on YouTube, thanks to geo-targeting. You could use one link for a Dynamic Link which leads traffic to the US/Indian/UK Amazon sites. This all made possible doe to GeniusLinks GEO-targeting feature.

Features: Other features beyond Geo-Targeting links include automatic product localization, automatic affiliations for Amazon/iTunes/Microsoft links, advanced conversion tracking, sales and commission tracking, real-time link editing, support for teams & multiple users, advanced reporting, custom domains, UTM Tagging, A/B Traffic split testing, A WordPress Plugin and more

Pricing: GeniusLink a one-off plan of  $2 per 1,000 clicks.

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Clickmeters Website Gives you the Impression the service is an Analytic Provider. The Service is another URL Shortening Provider like GeniusLink. It is great for Bloggers, Marketers and Businesses.

Features: Link rotation or Dynamic Links, Google Adword Ads, conversion reports, subscriptions, retargeting, click fraud protection, A/B rotation, various redirection types, google analytics integration, full API access and link monitoring.

Pricing: There are three pricing plans, Medium($29 per month), Large ($99 per month) and X-Large($349 per month).

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A screenshot tool? (Website visual impression) Not, Snip allows you add elements to a link. Elements can range from a simple call to actions, text, images and subscription forms.

Create a link on snip is easy as placing a link in the form, selecting your snip type and hitting create. This service is great for marketers/business who want to ensure traffic to their website.

Features: Users of the Free plan have a limit of 1000 link clicks per month. other features include A/B Testing, targeting, detailed analytics, conversion tracking and CSS/element customizations.


Premium Pricing: To get access to premium features you can choose between Basic ($29 per month), Pro ($79 per month), Business ($149 per month), and Agency ($299 per month) plans.

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So no matter the aim or purpose of your URL, there is a URL shortening provider. URL Shortening Services can offer you the features which lead to desire result. No matter if your a individual or a large enterprise..

What Is URL Shortening service your favorite? Did we forget to add it to our list? Feel free to Share your feedback or reach out to us on social media @GTecheek

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