Spintura Rewards Users With Cryptocurrency

Spintura is a new photo sharing platform and app just like Instagram. What makes Spintura different is...
feedlivery homepage

feedlivery – RSS Feeds straight to your inbox

feedlivery is not a news reader, it uses one of the most popular communication channels to deliver content based RSS Feeds...

Proofr – Focus on Your Ideas, Not Your Grammar

Grammarly gives you the power to ensure you don't make a grammar/spelling error, Proofr is yet another grammar tool but for...

Podcoin – Get Paid to listen Podcasts

Podcoin is the podcast player that pays. We have every podcast you could ever want, and we pay you to listen...

Barephone App Launcher – A Zero-clutter Android launcher

Looking for Yet Another Minimalist Android App Launcher? Barephone is a beautiful minimal launcher for Android that lets you see only the apps...

Sessionwire – An Easy-to-Use Collaborative Social Media Platform for Musicians

Sessionwire has released "the First, Easy-to-Use Collaborative Social Media Platform for Musicians ". The platform offers live online collaborative tools for music creators.

Monarch Wallet App Update Enables BTC & ETH with Your Bank...

Monarch Wallet is a popular universal decentralized cryptocurrency wallet with over 200,000+ app downloads. The app allows users to buy, sell,...

Squat for LYM Tokens with Squat for Crypto

Want to earn money from your morning or frequent exercise routines? The Squat for Crypto app does just that via Smart Camera...

The iFun app turns Your Free Time Into Fun Time

The iFun app will be a mobile app that helps you connect with friends in the real...
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