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Looking for Free Stock Images for a Report, Assignment, Blog Post or Web Content? All Images are said to worth a Thousand Words. Images can help to enhance any presentation as would you rather read an article without any Photos or once with contextual Images?

We have compiled a list of the best Free Stock Images providers you can find on the web.

All the following website offer free images via various licences such as the Creative Commons Zero License. The CC-Zero license will allow you to allow you to use an image without attribution to its creator/owner even for a commercial purpose. There is also the creative commons 2.0 license which commercial usage but requires attribution.

What can I do with the images?

  • Download the image file
  • Publish, revise, copy, alter, and share that image
  • Use the image (as-is or as you’ve altered it), in both personal and commercial contexts

It is paramount that you check to ensure the license of the image you are using. If you’re in doubt as to the ways in which you can use a given image, either check the website or get in touch with the owner/photographer of the image.

Polar fox doesn’t seem to have been updated in a while with new image however it offers a large library of images which are no doubt gonna meet your expectations.

Jay Mantri urges you to “Do anything. Make magic.” At the time of writing similar to the Previous entry, Jay Mantri hasn’t been updated in a while but offers a great collection of images mostly of Nature and Architecture.

Travel Coffee Book offers just what you would expect based on its name, A grand collection of stoning travel photos. Similar to the two previous entries, This website hasn’t been updated in a while but still offers free quality Images.

This website offers a portal to various websites where you can find Free Stock Photo, Mockups, Videos, Sound, Effects, Fonts, Email Templates, Website Templates and icons.

The websites are views in an iframe and under Free Stock Photos includes FreePhotos.ccEveryPixel, Photostack, Visual Hunt, Finda.Photo, Pexels, LibreStock, Stock Up and Creative Commons.

Canva is a creative Tool you can use us as a valuable replacement for photoshop. It has thousands of templates to get your graphics (Banners, covers, Presentations & more) done but also has hundreds of free photos you can use to enhance the templates.

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that makes setting up an online store and selling your products really quick and easy.

Images play a major role in eCommerce hence Shopify’s Burst Collection of images which fashion, nature, city, business, startup and more “for websites and commercial use”.

pxhere is yet another Free Stock Image provider offering “Free of copyrights under CC0. Do whatever you want”. The website has a wide collection of mostly nature related images.

Stocksnap is yet another platform to find images “Free from copyright restrictions”. Images found in Stocksnaps can be sort by date, popularity and views.

Pixabay Host over 1.5 million royalty free stock images… and Videos!. The platform provides Free Stock Images of quality for terms as love, wall, flower and more thanks to its community of image contributors.

I first came into contact with Unsplash via their Unspalsh Batch Email Newsletter beginnings which gave gorgeous free stock images. Unsplash still continuous to curate a large library of Free gorgeously amazing high-resolution images.

Negativespace offers Free Beautiful Stock Photos for Personal and commercial use. The website offers a modest collection of images but within a lot of categories.

Skitterphotos is yet another “a place to find, show and share public domain photos”. The Unique Photos offer on Skitterphotos will no about be what you are looking for along with the detailed info for each photo.

Good Stock Photos doesn’t ascribe to any specific license, Its images are just free. There is no need for credit thought a mention is well appreciated. The site offers a nice selection of high-resolution photos on topics wide and small.

Looking for Startup Photos? Startup stock photos offer images of a startup related nature. Whether its Guys standing near a brick wall holding a phone, a guy examining a whiteboard or even a young lady working on her laptop, Startup Stock Photos has what you need.

Ignoring it’s memorable but hard to spell name, Magdeleine aggregates images from other free stock image websites. It allows you to filter through its collection by license and colour much like you can on Flickr and others on this list.

kaboompics is run by Karolina, Providing Free Stock Photos of varying licenses for creators(Freelancers, Bloggers etc.). kaboompics has a large collection of over 7,7010+ images which have been downloaded 4 million times from the website and syndications on sites like Pexels and Pixabay.

If You like weirdly titled categories, Ryan Macquires Gratisography offers a great collection of free quirky high-resolution photos.

We talking weird and quirky images you won’t find anywhere else, Images which will meet those funny moments like that of a man playing Poker with dogs.

Death to the stock photo is the work of photographers, Allie Lehman and David Sherry. DTTPS offers over 2,000+ and videos along with a paid subscription to access even more of its collection.

DTTPS Images are liscense under a unique “plain English” License.

No, Barn Images doesn’t only provide images of Barns or a picturesque Farm view. Barn Images offers a large diverse collection of high-quality images for a wide cross selection of topics.

Albummarium arranges its collection into topic-specific albums. Each album can vary in scope of image availability of 1 singular image or a whole set of images depending on the topic.

Picjumbo is yet another way to get some great Free Stock Photos. The platform allows you to use their images in both a commercial and non-commercial manner. What makes Picjumbo unique is that it offers a premium pack which allows you to download all 2,000+ of its images for a price of $15 or more.

The website also has a premium membership subscription called Picjumbo Premium. Picjumbo Premium gives subscribers:

  • more than 30+ extra & beautiful stock photos every month
  • receive upcoming + never published imagesphoto collections and all previous picjumbo PREMIUM content instantly via Dropbox.

There are three plans, The Blogger ($10 a month), Designer ($19 a month) and Agency ($39 a month) Plan.

One of oldest sources of both Storing and Finding Images, Flikr Hosts over 10+ Billion images and 2 Million Photography Groups. Flikr was recently purchased by Photo management and sharing platform, SmugMug after over 9+ years of being a Yahoo brand.

The platform isn’t always the best source of free stock images, though it hosts some of the largest collection of owned and Creative Commons licensed material. It won’t be easy to find images given the limiting Freely available material at which to match an image to your presentations/contents context.

The Pexels collection of Free Stock Images has a wide array of images to meet your illustrative needs. The platform continues to grow its collection of great photos typically adding at least 10 new photos each day.

Is there a cool Free Stock Image provider we forgot to include on our list? what is your experience using Free Stock Providers? Leave your Feedback in the comment section below.