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Reading Time: 1 minute(Last Updated On: May 13, 2018)

There are a number of cryptocurrency converters out there and Convert2BTC is yet another. Convert2BTC enables a user to find the value of a particular unit of BTC. The US Dollar is not the only currency of conversion, much like its competitors (Preev) but over 15 additional currencies.

Currencies such as Euro, Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen, Singapore Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, British Pound, Danish Krone, Swedish Krona, Brazilian Real, Swiss Franc, Russian Ruble and the Sierra Leonean Leone.

The website then takes its a step further by also providing a historical value of a single bitcoin and the 15-minute average price.

The creation of Convert2BTC is Reddit user @LucciCP0. He promises to add additional features such as FIAT to Bitcoin value conversion.