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Bitcoin Interest logoBitcoin Interest (BCI) is yet another bitcoin fork which was launched earlier this year via a bitcoin fork.

The Bitcoin Interest Team has announced the release of a BCI Online Wallet via email.

Bitcoin interest markets itself as an “a competitive staking cryptocurrency focusing on three key areas TechnologyCommunity, and Savings.”

If you owned bitcoins in a wallet(s) before the forking in January, there should be a few BCI’s in your wallet(s).

Holders of BCI park their coins and earn interest payments thanks to BCI’s focus on integrated savings technology.

After countless user requests for a lite version of the Bitcoin Interest wallet, we have delivered a fully functional online browser-based wallet! We know it was a lot for our users to download the entire Bitcoin blockchain as it was a massive amount of data, but for those of you who did, thank you for participating and supporting the network!

This official lite wallet will allow newcomers to quickly get started with Bitcoin Interest and help further expand the community. Users will no longer be scared away by large hard drive space requirements and long wallet syncing times

– via announcement email

The wallet based on Coinbin, a popular bitcoin open-source online wallet. Cryptocurrencies with based on bitcoin gain from tools created for bitcoin.

Bitcoin Interest already has Desktop Wallets (windows, Linux and Mac). There wasn’t, however, any Mobile wallets listed on their website.

The adoption of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin interest is fostered when users have readily multiply available wallet option to choose.

The new wallet will go a far way in helping with the marketing of the BCI cryptocurrency.

What are your thoughts on the new Bitcoin Interest Wallet? Will you be using it? Share your thoughts and opinions below.

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