I Believe In Crypto, So I Just Sold Some (feat. Holochain)...

[youtube] On today’s episode of The Cryptoverse… I would like to share some things that will greatly improve the quality of your crypto investing decisions....

Spintura Rewards Users With Cryptocurrency

Spintura is a new photo sharing platform and app just like Instagram. What makes Spintura different is...

Live Interview with Lior Gantz, Wealth Research Group

[youtube] I was recently interviewed by Lior's organisation about crypto so now he is coming on my show to share his expertise in the...

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) vs Bitcoin (BTC)

Original article by Bennett Garner was published at What is Bitcoin Cash? Bitcoin Cash arose as an alternative to Bitcoin, and it’s currently between the third and second...

Is Bitcoin usable now?! Lightning Network will change Bitcoin Forever

[youtube] The Lightning Network has a simple promise - send Bitcoin instantly with near-zero fees and more privacy. In this episode, I take a...

Bitcoin Interest releases An Online Wallet

Bitcoin Interest (BCI) is yet another bitcoin fork which was launched earlier this year via a bitcoin fork. The Bitcoin Interest Team has announced the release of...

No, IMF And World Bank Have Not Launched A Cryptocurrency

[youtube] There’s some headline flying around about the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund creating a cryptocurrency, which is untrue so I’d like...

Quick Initial Tour Of CoinFestUK 2019

[youtube] Before the conference venue started filling up with people, I took the opportunity to do a quick tour and shoot a few shots. ●▬...

How The Crypto Revolution Is Bigger Than The Internet

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GECKO Governance expands service offering to meet increasing Compliance demands

DUNDALK, IRELAND - 11/29/2018 (PRESS RELEASE JET) As the regulatory landscape continues to shift and grow in complexity, GECKO...
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