Blockchain is rapidly changing the history of the market with ITC.TAXI!

CYPRUS - 11/18/2018 In October 2018, the ITC.TAXI application was launched and tested. The project is focused on drivers and passengers...

ICO Estimator – Is My Token A Security? Find with the...

Looking for a way to tell whether a potential token is a Security an In which Jurisdiction? ICO Estimator is a tool that does...

4NEW “Electricity Token” KWATT Listing on Hotbit Exchange

   LONDON, UK - 06/27/2018 (PRESS RELEASE JET) 4NEW, pioneering the tokenizing of electricity via the recycling of waste to power crypto-mining, announced this week...

ICO’s Weekly: OSA, Ligercoin, Credits.Energy, Belotto and more

A ICO's Weekly is a In-frequent weekly brief introduction of upcoming ICO's during a given week. OSA DC - OSA The world’s first decentralized, AI-driven marketplace...

Airdrop Alerts: Swiss Alps Mining Airdrop

Swiss Alps Mining, A crypto mining Company, has announced the airdrop of their SAM tokens which are being distributed via What is Swiss Alps...

Airdrop Alerts: WeGold Phase 2

WeGold, The Token The WeGoGo platform, which is "The World's First Travel Blockchain" entered the second phase of its airdrop. The WeGold (WGD) Airdrop is distributed at

Telegram Cancels Public ICO

The Telegram ICO Pre-sale has been one of the largest ICO's yet raising over $1.7 Billion from over 200 Investors. The Telegram ICO has the...

YourBlock Bounties Now Live

The YourBlock Bounties are now live after being announce on What is YourBlock? Blockchain is bringing us the Internet of Value. A new platform to...
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