Crypto Roundup – Feb 16

Italian Cryptocurrency exchange goes insolvent, Cryptocurrency ming outpaces household energy consumption, BitConnect lawsuit filed in Florida, Olympian gets paid in crypto and Ellen DeGeneres tweets about bitcoin. This...

FLASH gets added to Cryptowolf

FLASH coin has been added to the cryptocurrency exchange, Cryptowolf. The cryptocurrency will be available in pairs of BTC-FLASH, ETH-FLASH and LTC-FLASH. The listing made possible...

Flashcoin Launch a New website

Flashcoin delivers a new Flashy (pun intended) looking website. If you read our review of flashcoin, You may have read our note of an...

Flashcoin Cryptocurrency Review

  Flashcoin is a powerful fast Cryptocurrency introduced in 2016 dedicated to solving common consumer concerns facing the loyalty, e-commerce and businesses transacting small payments. FLASH has...

Bitcoin Interest Forked from Bitcoin

Yet another Bitcoin Fork is here in the form of Bitcoin Interest (BCI), following in the footsteps of Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin...

YourBlock Bounties Now Live

The YourBlock Bounties are now live after being announce on What is YourBlock? Blockchain is bringing us the Internet of Value. A new platform to...

Moniat book price rises from 10¢ to 12¢ in Jan 2019

MENA - 01/01/2019 ( Since it is introduced, Moniat or MAT attracts thousands of individuals to...
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