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Blog Tyrant, A blog dedicated to learning about blogging surveyed a sample of bloggers. They then created an infographic from the data they collected in the survey.

Here are 10 insights gained from the data collect thanks to Blog Tyrant’s survey.

  1. Over 43.3% of bloggers listed “Hobby” as the reason for starting their blog(s), while the other half was largely about making some kind of income.
  2. An overwhelming 69.6% are making zero income from their blog while over 0.6% makes over 1 million. This stats correlate well with the “Hobby” based blog reasoning.
  3. A majority, 46.8 percent spend less than 5 hours a week on their blogs. Alarming but correlates again to the “Hobby Factor” and a bloggers goals.
  4. A large portion of bloggers 6.4% relies on income from another source or job while a collective 32.2 percent rely either on a partner, family members or compliment of job-partner. Meaning a lot of families are supporting their blogging ambitions.
  5. The Lack of readers/traffic is a large fear factor, a resounding 69.4 percent compared to security and lack of earnings.
  6. Bloggers are a skilful and reliable bunch, an alarming 82.4 percent don’t outsource their blogging tasks.
  7. A combined 86.6%(75.3% yes mostly and 11.3% yes )  believe Google to be doing a great job ranking blogs.
  8. Over 60 percent have started a blog only to abandon it while 40.7% have been consistent with their commitment to the blogs they started.
  9. A majority, 70 percent run a single blog while a combined 30 percent run/manage more than 5 blogs.
  10. Domain name (87.7 percent) and Web Hosting (89.9 percent) are the core expenses experience by all bloggers.

Here is a really cool infographic:
Blogging Statistics for 2018

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