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Back in July 2018, we showcase a website which allows you to get a desktop app created for Windows, Mac and Linux. Today we have another similar website which will effectively allow the same easy creation of a desktop app and platform-wide availability.

Desktop app just like their mobile counterparts not only offer the benefit of increasing active users of a web application and/or APIs but also adds to a brands value and Platform accessibility.

What is ToDesktop?

ToDesktop is an online builder which guides you through the process of designing a desktop app from your existing web app. It takes literally 2 minutes to create a desktop app from your web app. ToDesktop will detect your icon and colours when you give it your web app’s URL. You can edit your app’s icon and the window frame UI style/colours. You can even change how the installer looks and how it installs your app (e.g. would you like your app added to the desktop by default on install?)

The service will allow anyone to “Convert your Web App to a Desktop App in 2 Minutes.” but Web2Desk which generates the app without much customization of the apps UI etc.

ToDesktop Features:

  • A very quick and simple creation process
  • Completely customizable
  • A spacious UI with a native feel which lets the user want to “keep the app open all day without getting drowned in a sea of tabs”
  • Creation of Apps for Windows, Mac and even Linux
  • Trusted… sign your desktop app with EV Microsoft Authenticode and Apple Gatekeeper certificates.Bring Your Web App to the Desktop with 1

The feature that is a big seller of this platform/service is undoubtedly its customizability. Creators can edit the icon and the window frame UI style/colors of their app which is based on the icon and color of your web app.Bring Your Web App to the Desktop with 2

You can even edit how the installer looks and how it installs your app such as adding your app to the desktop by default.

Its also even cooler knowing you will get a preview of what your app looks like before its generated although you have the option to make changes to future versions of your desktop app.

Once available, Web App owners will be able to use the service via a subscription valued at $49 per month.

Customers have been delighted by the results generated by the service which shows that the high subscription value should be worth it. We look forward to ToDesktop’s launch in January 2019.

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