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This video is an open enquiry. I’m seeking input to aid my understanding. I’ll share my point of view and I then invite your contribution to the discussion. My job is just to point out what I see to start the discussion with the intention of getting at the truth.

  1. The process for making changes to EOS
    a. someone submits a proposal
    b. token holders vote on it, 15% min participation
    c. if vote passes block producers have to implement it
    d. eosio system required 15 out of top 21 block producers to approve the change so the network stays in consensus (each block producer signals that they are ready to move to the new rule)

  2. There is a proposal to change the constitution for the EOS user agreement
    a. never mind the content today, there is something more fundamental here

  3. Why are block producers starting to aprove this?
    a. is this preparation in case the vote turns out yes? then the change could be made immediately?
    b. that approach doesn’t make sense to me since the top 21 block producers change all the time
    c. meaning the only viable option in my mind is to wait until a vote is passed before block producers start approving

  4. What I’m most concerned about is the optics of this. EOS is already a very sensistive topic.
    a. there are a lot of people out there on hyper alert for anything they can grab onto which can be spun negatively
    b. this situation is ripe for that
    c. what would be great is if the top 21 block producers could comment on this and say why they are signalling their approval before the vote is complete, that would really help clarify thing

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