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Want to create a Decentralized Web Page? DPage is a web page builder which gives you the power to do just that.

The App allows you to “Combine videos, images and social media posts from the web to create web pages” with the choice to “Keep your pages private and encrypted or make them public.”

Much like the NoteRiot – Decentralized Note App, DPage uses the Blockstack single sign-on option which allows me to use my existing Blockstack account to access various decentralized services. You can check out the NoteRiot blog post to get a look at creating a Blockstack Account.

Blockstack powers a Decentralized App ecosystem consisting of apps such as Kanstack (Decentralized Kanban Board), Dappy Wallet (Multi-currency lite Wallet) and Graphite (Encrypted, shareable, decentralized personal data) just to name a few.

How to Create a Web Page with DPage?

Simply Login using your Blockstack account after which presents a dashboard much like the image below which allows you to create a new web page. You are provided with a url based on your id like which your webpage will be attached.

Create a Decentralized web page with DPage 1

Once clicked the button to create a new Page, You are presented with the following UI consisting of input for the pages title and a wide area textbox.

Create a Decentralized web page with DPage 2Create a Decentralized web page with DPage 3

Just start typing and your updates to the page will be stored in real-time. The text box generates a floating plus icon for each empty line which allows you to embed pictures, videos and even code.

Pasting a URL which contains an image or video will generate an automatic embedding of the image into the article or/and create an anchored text.

Select the text your editing and you will be given the option to change the format of the text Bold, italic, H2, numbered list etc.

A page can be public wherein anyone will be able to view it or private where it’s only visible by the creator. The ellipsis on the top right of the dashboard provides a drop down housing options to Make Page Private, Set the Page as Home(root), copy a link, unlock URL and delete the page.

You can checkout the page created in this screenshot at

Pros: Ultra easy to use and great user interface.

Cons: A few bugs (a previously published page cannot be edited) and Needs additional features such as Analytics

Conclusion: Building web pages for the decentralized web should become reflectively simple for anyone given tools like DPage which is a superb tool.

Is this app useful? Feel free to share your thoughts about this decentralized App below in our comments section.

Updated on 12-21-18 to include Pros and Cons