The Meg Tops This Weekends Box Office Numbers

Warner Brothers Film, The Meg tops this Weekends comScore box office numbers with over $141.3M in worldwide box office estimates. The Worldwide Box Office...

Is MoviePass Too Good To Be True? [INFOGRAPHIC]

MoviePass is in the business of ... Last year August, The company lowered the price of its movie theatre flat rate to $9.95. This was intended...

Bluffball – World Cup Phrases to Help You Fit In

Want to become an armchair football pundit? Bluffball comes to your rescue thought originally a fictional Website IT Guys, Popular British sitcom. Transform yourself into the...

Fortnite Earns $318M in just one month

Fortnite has made $314 Million dollars in a singular month! making it the top free-to-play game by revenue. This new revenue record was achieved back...

The Ready Contest – Trivia HQ but with Gaming

Looking for another app like the HQ - Live Trivia Game Show? Ready Contest is another mobile app where you can compete with thousands...

Crypto Karaoke Releases EVERYDAY IM HODLN Crypto Rap and Other Parody

Every day I'm Holding? The Hodlgang and Hodl Groupies have a new set of Parody's thanks to Crypto Karaoke.  We previous share their Crypto version of Queens Bohemian Rhapsody title...

Incredibles 2 Tops Worldwide Box Office Charts

comScore released the weekly Official Worldwide Box Office Results where Disney Pixars Incredibles 2 leading the chart with over $231.5M in weekend box office estimates. This value...

Experience New Eden with Grimm & Tonic Weekly Visual Novel

A weekly web visual novel title "Grimm & Tonic: Last Call" from a Jamaican Game developer, that follows the residents of the fictional city of New Eden. New scenes...

Now Free On Steam – Layers of Fear Until July 15

The Horror game which sells for $22.99, Layers of Fear is now available for a limited time free download. The game is available for a...

Atari Accepts Atari VCS Pre-Orders on May 30th

Atari VCS™ pre-orders will be made available by Atari after come through on crowdfunding campaign via IndieGoGo. Atari is an interactive entertainment company and a memorable iconic brand....
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