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Mumbai Based Digital Marketing agency, Pigtail Pundits relaunches an 18-year-old Business Directory, E-BIZDA with Modern features.

Web Directories back in thier day formed the gateway to accessing content and orginaizing related links/website, and still have that focus. Search Engines have however taken prominence but not when it comes to business and local listings where they offer a fair share of benefits.

E-BIZDA Features

The new business directory offers a focus on multimedia not commonly found in your traditional Business/Web Directory.

Compared to your traditional Business/Web Directory, Businesses can benefit from:

  1. Link juice, from the directories’ trust, standing, and reputation passes on to your website. Multiple links to the inner pages of your site help with boosting the Domain Rating of your website.
  2. Search in the web directory throws up multiple categories of the listing for your website
  3. Traffic from the directory flows on to your website 
  4. Some directories offer lead capture and charge a fee for it

According to Rajesh Khanna, Director at Pigtail Pundits, and the founder of e-bizda: “We want to raise the bar for web directories and the value it gives to customers. We are actively marketing online to raise its authority. We will actively market listed customers to get them ranking, visibility, and leads”. 

E-BIZDA focuses on media by providing listings header and multiple images in the body, text formatting capabilities, links to video, the opportunity for testimonial inclusion, location maps, social media connect, and more.

These features make the platform far superior to its competition by offering businesses a fair array of options to bolster their listings.

So for an annual fee of $9.99 per anum, You can gain features not seen by other web directories such as lead capturing.

So what do you think of the E-BIZDA Business Directory? Can it survive today’s world of web directories? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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