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Facebook has finally introduced their Facebook’s Video Communication Devices called “Portal”. Facebook Portal aims to help friends and Family connect via Facebook Messenger.

The Portal and Portal+ allow consumers a quick and easy way to call their friends and families. The devices also give Facebook firm entry ground to a unique Hardware niche and the possibility of other Facebook Devices in the future.

Facebook Portal Features

Much like Amazons Echo Show, the Facebook Portal has a 10-inch 1280×800 pixel display while the much larger & portraited Portal+ has a 15-inch 1920×1080 pixel display.

Facebook Introduces its Portal Devices 1

The camera allows tracking of action and automatically pan and zoom to keep the subjects of the video in view.

Obviously, the Video calling capabilities are powered via Facebook Messenger. Video Calls have the added benefit of having integrations with Spotify Premium, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and its own video platform to let users watch or listen to content together on a call. There is even a new “Story Time” AR feature for video calls with kids.

The Portal enhances the voice of whoever is talking, regardless of where they move, while minimizing background noise.

Facebook Introduces its Portal Devices 2

Other than creating its own Voice Assistant, Facebook has partnered with Amazon to use build-in Alexa as voice AI. The device makes itself unique via its own voice commands such as Saying “Hello Portal” followed by your command.

When the Device is not active it displays photos, videos, and notifications like birthday reminders.

Facebook’s Privacy issues in the past and not to mention last weeks security breach should give prospective users trouble when considering the devices. Facebook has however reassured that the Portal Devices are “built with privacy + security in mind.”

It takes a step further by allowing you to remove your voice history in your Facebook Activity log.

The Portal and Portal Plus are available in the US via Pre-orders at Amazon, Best Buy and the Facebook Portal Website.

Facebook Introduces its Portal Devices 3


The Portal costs $199 with a discount of $100 if you purchase two at $298 while the much larger Portal+ pre-orders for a price of $349.

What are your thoughts on this device? Will you be pre-ordering? How will the Facebook Portal Devices come in Handy? Share your thoughts in our comment section below.