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Facebook has announced a ban on Philipines based Digital Marketing Group Twinmark Media Enterprise.

The ban is dues largely in part to Twin Media’s usage of coordinated fake accounts and Facebook pages aimed at brining traffic to Ad farms using links like the one below.

Facebook Names and Roasts Twinmark Media Enterprises 1

Twinmark Media consisted of over 220 Facebook Pages, 73 Facebook accounts and 29 Instagram accounts. These accounts were followed by an average of 43 million Facebook accounts which followed at least one of the pages.

Facebook Pages with highest number of followers:

  • Filipino Channel Online: 10.4 million
  • Gorgeous Me: 5.7 million
  • Unhappy: 4.9 million
  • Text Message: 4.4 million
  • TNP Media: 4.3 million

Facebook also makes the additional note for Twinmark Media connected accounts/pages of:

This specific investigation began after we learned that Twinmark was selling admin rights to Facebook Pages it had created, in order to increase distribution and generate profit, which violates our spam policy. This prompted our teams to take a deeper look at a broader group of Pages and accounts associated with these users, ultimately uncovering a large network of Pages and accounts that were engaging in coordinated inauthentic behavior, the use of fake accounts, leading people to ad farms and selling access to Facebook Pages.

Facebook makes history by being the first Banned company to receive a reasoned public summary on its ban via facebooks Newroom Blog.

So this no doubt is Facebook’s way of showing that it cares about how its platform is being used and takes care to enforce proper moderation.

Will Facebook use this strategy of publishing the investigative process after banning a page/accounts and/or set of accounts in the future? Only time will tell and whether its makes for effective strategy.

What are your thoughts on Facebook openness of their investigative process and public exposure of this company? share your thoughts below in our comments section.

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