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feedlivery is not a news reader, it uses one of the most popular communication channels to deliver content based RSS Feeds straight to your email in a great digestible format.

How does feedlivery work?

The platform allows you to choose how often you would like to receive your feed based emails whether weekly or monthly.

Signing up to use the service is pretty simple:

  1. On the sites select how often you to receive emails? Weekly/Monthly and enter your email address and Click signup
  2. Enter your desired password
  3. You Now have an account!

The page is then immediately redirected to the dashboard. The dashboard allows you to add new RSS feeds, send an email outside of the schedule and/or change your email/password.

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To add a new RSS feed, Simply write or/and copy/paste the RSS feed into the popup text area.

Users can then click send email to receive the email digest immediately to their inbox.


Email is a truly personal communication avenue, a better way to receive updates from popular blogs, news, and magazines than directly to your inbox.

This platform has great potential however i would love to see:

  • additional options to receive daily, every X day/weeks/monthly and other periods.
  • personalized the way the email will look with possible templates
  • offer multi-email support where a user can have more than one email
  • offer some sort of email verification, There is the possibility of someone on adding an email to the platform for the purposes of SPAM.


  • Great platform but needs a who it works page.
  • open to personalization on who often you receive emails


  • Singular export format: Exports only to .json? what about .opml?
  • needs more scheduling options
  • possible SPAM middleman
  • no error reporting

So what are you waiting for? head over to feedlivery and learn more about how you can get your favourite feeds delivered straight to your email inbox.

What are your thoughts on Feedlivery? Do you like favourite RSS feeds delivery for free to your inbox? What needs improvement?

Share your thoughts and feedback below in the comment and don’t forget to follow us on twitter for more stories like this.

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