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Product Bump is a series of articles highlighting really cool Products/Services from across the web whether in Beta or being Launch.

For this episode of Product Bump we showcase the FlexClip Video Maker, Login Helper “Which Login?”, Complaint Resolution with No No No and YouTube time helper ‘No Relation”. so here we go:

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FlexClip Video Maker – Create your Video In minutes.

FlexClip Homepage

FlexClip is a simple yet powerful video maker that creates marketing videos and family stories in minutes.

^^^ That is a pretty straight forward description of FlexClip which is perfect for Marketers, Bloggers, Creators and Everyday consumers alike. Videos not only one of the best ways to get a message/information across but offers the potential to boost sales, hold attention, increase traffic but also encourage social shares.

Which Login? – Never forget which login you used again!

The action of login into a Website is a repetitious action everyone does from website to website but… If you are a user of social/third party login buttons, “Which Login did I use the last time?”.

From the creator of the Startup Name checker, Peter Thaleikis, Which login resolves this problem by offering a way to easily remind yourself which Login option you used on your last usage of a website.

The App is available as a Chrome Extension and a FireFox plugin but costs only $4.99 via lifetime license.

No No No Beta – Get faster resolution
for your complaints

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Want to get companies to act on issues/problems related to their Product or service? No No No is a complaint service which ensures public complaints are acted on.

It makes the process really simple and even includes a rating and review system which will having you saying Yes Yes Yes at the end of a resolution. You can even share the complaint on social media.

No No No is in beta hence the might be a few features changes and additions but it offers a great way to get your complaints resolved.

No Relation – Video Watching Addiction hindrance

no related YouTube videos section

YouTube like any popular websites on the web is inherently designed to keep you longer duration on their website.

The is no better tool to do that than Youtube’s “Related Videos” section which showcases related and very interesting videos which not only keep you on youtube longer but also irresistible.

The Chrome No Relation plugin does your a great favor by removing the “Related Videos” section from YouTube with the click of a button. Thus removing the time vortex known as the YouTube Related Videos section.

Having trouble focusing on what you’re supposed to be doing, because you keep clicking away at the “Related Videos” section of Youtube? By simply turning on No Relation, like the temptation to procrastinate, that pesky section is gone!

No Relation
No Relation
Developer: cnicolas
Price: Free
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So there you have it, four Great Products/Service you will find very useful. Have a cool new product/service you would like to Share with us? Reach out via our contact form or email us at [email protected]

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