Fortnite Earns $318M in just one month

Reading Time: 2 minutes(Last Updated On: June 27, 2018)

Fortnite has made $314 Million dollars in a singular month! making it the top free-to-play game by revenue. This new revenue record was achieved back in may according to SuperData Research.

Fortnite has over the last three months, the game has generated roughly $837 million in revenue which brings the total revenue generated thus far for the year to over $1.2 billion. That is an impressive value for a game only been on consoles for only eight months and just came to iOS three months ago.

Fortnite Gameplay

The Popular Free to Play Battle Royale game made its revenue via digital purchases of in-game non-essential purchases, like characters, costumes, and dance moves.

Purchases are “non-essential” as Purchases are purely cosmetic, paying for items in Fortnite doesn’t provide the player with any additional advantages. You aren’t even given better weapons, access to unique new maps or the ability to begin the game in a much better location.

The game doesn’t only attract the seasoned gamers but also newcomers alike. There is no about that Fortnite does a great job when it comes to marketing its Free-to-Play game and added flair of its digital items like that shopping cart.

This likely isn’t the peak of their growth, either. Fortnite is releasing an app for Android later this summer. The game has gotten so popular, that some colleges are even offering scholarships to play the game competitively.

The developers plan to put $100 million toward prize pools for Fortnite competitions in the first year of play which will no doubt lead to even larger revenue going forward. This is said to slated to begin later this year and stretch into 2019.

Its also further quite impressive that almost 69% of the players spent money in the game, with an average amount of $84.67.

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