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Fuzzymugz logoThere is a New Exciting Social Network on the block for Animal enthusiasts which aims to take an escape from the social media Norms, it is called Fuzzymugz. The Mobile App is an exciting new social networking app designed for pet owners and animal enthusiasts.

Fuzzymugz is a sensational new social networking app that connects and engages pet owners and animal lovers worldwide. Fuzzymugz was conceived by two lifelong friends and animal lovers, who had the vision of establishing a new category of social media, one designed to service and entertain pet owners of all types of animals.

A Screenshot of the Fuzzymugz Android App

The App will allow Pet Enthusiasts to :

  • Create profiles for thier pets
  • Share and Learn Grooming, Playing Ideas, Health and Meal Preparation Tips
  • Capture and share photos/videos
  • Find and Connect with Pet Breeders
  • Adopt rescue animals
  • help other pet owners search for and find lost pets

The Fuzzymugz Community looks to be a Perfect bunch of Like-minded individuals with a common interest in animals. It allows Pet lovers to Engage social media in a new way, tailored to their distinct interest in Animals.

You and Your beloved Pets will not only gain from the numerous grooming, health tips, meal preparation, playing ideas and training method advice delivered through the platform but a vast improvement in the life of your pet… and you.

The Fuzzymugz app will be made available this Summer via the Apple App Store. There is no word on whether there will be an Android App nor a specific date for the summer launch.

So take those Priceless moments with your Pet(s) to a whole other level with the power of the Fuzzymugz Social Media App soon to arrive on the Apple App store this summer.

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