Google Adds Inline carousel for Quora Answers In Search Results

Reading Time: 1 minute(Last Updated On: April 11, 2018)

Google is testing inline carousal for search results where Quora answers are listed. The search engine recently introduced a similar feature for Stack Overflow answers which unlike quora are not of a more technical background.

Quora is an authority for answering general knowledge questions. These questions are asked by Quora users, answered by Quora users and ranked via an up-down voting system.

You can view an example by searching for a question which you know has quora results. The Search results have just been given a neat card based carousel layout which shows the “Top answer” with a green checkmark and the up-down votes received by the answers.

It lists three results per display before your scroll. Not all results will present the feature, however, it is possible to replicate on both mobile and desktop search queries.