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Some users of Google’s Calendar app are reporting outages. The outage occurred during morning eastern time, noted by Google’s G Suite Status Dashboard.

This issue comes on the heels of a recent outage which affect a number of Google Services such as GMail and YouTube.

Google Calendar has a Worldwide Outage 1
a look at Google’s G Suite Dashboard

Google began investigating the issue at 10:22 am eastern and has acknowledged the issue. It then issued another status at 11:40 AM noting ” Our team is continuing to investigate this issue “.

Similar issues has arose at for Google Hangouts Meet which could mean a potentially related issue. The latest update warned users who were unable to access Hangouts Meet were able to create a meeting via or one of the company’s apps, then to share a link with other participants in the meeting.

Although this is a significant outage, not many users are affected by this issue and pretty much all other Google services have an OK status on the G Suite Status Dashboard.

The issue has since been marked as resolved with Google Team Noting ” We expect to resolve the problem affecting a majority of users of Google Calendar at 6/18/19, 1:40 PM.  “, that timeframe being a noteworthy estimate.

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