Reading Time: 1 minute(Last Updated On: July 17, 2019)

Google Chrome has added a new way to personalized themes which is currently only available in Canary channel of the popular web browser. Chrome Canary users now have the option to make even more customizations to themes and tabs.

Google now has over 20 colours options to choose from which will complement the existing third party themes. Chrome Story notes that chrome users might be able to install or uninstall third-party themes also from this screen along with changing the background for the new tab page.

You can even now customize the links on the new tab page from this screen. You can turn those off with a single click or pick from your custom list or use the usual “most visited” sites.

These look like a really great change for the browser which has been previously implemented by a few other browsers to some degree. We happily await deployment to Google Chromes Main channel… if ever implemented.

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