Google launches Neighbourly Q&A in India

Reading Time: 1 minute(Last Updated On: May 31, 2018)

Google has launched a Q&A app in India which is like a Quora for Communities. Major technology and e-commerce companies show an increasing focus on India.

Google has launched the Q&A app as “a neighbourhood app that helps you ask your neighbours questions, share local expertise, and keep up with your neighbourhood”.

Screenshots of the Neighbourly App Features
Screenshots of the Neighbourly App Features

The allows neighbours to ask and answer questions regarding your community by “Easily swipe left and right through the questions”. Each Answer increases your local expertise on a particular topic along with keeping your neighbourhood informed.

Each time a Neighbour asks a question, It is routed to a “neighbourhood” expert which like the neighbour asking the question has the option to use Speak his answer into the app using Google’s Voice recognition functionality.

Each app participants private information (Full Name, Phone Number etc.) is not shared along with the required Neighbourly Promise for using the app. The Neighbourly Promise ensure questions stay on topic.

The app is not only available in English but 8 Indian languages. Neighbourly runs/requires at least an Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and higher device to run the Google Neighbourly Q&A App, which should provide for a wide swath of devices in 2018.

The Beta App already has 100+ installations and is currently only available for Mumbai with plans for a gradual rollout of the app to additional neighbourhoods/cities across India.