Reading Time: 1 minute(Last Updated On: October 9, 2018)

Google is closing the consumer version of its Google Plus Social Network platform. The closure comes not because of its unpopularity but a security vulnerability.

Found and fixed back in March 2018, The Security vulnerability allowed app developers to access Google Plus Profile information.

Over 500,000 Google+ accounts were potentially affected by the vulnerability. Google assures that developers were not  aware of the bug and thus may not have exploited the bug.

The Reason for the closure however is googles fears of  “immediate regulatory interest” due to the vulnerability. 

Google says it found the vulnerability as part of its Project Strobe review of third-party developer access to Google account and Android device data. Through Strobe, which launched earlier this year, one of its first priorities was to review all APIs related to Google+.

Project strobe bring new granular controls over the data Google Account owners share with apps.

“This review crystallized what we’ve known for a while: that while our engineering teams have put a lot of effort and dedication into building Google+ over the years, it has not achieved broad consumer or developer adoption, and has seen limited user interaction with apps. The consumer version of Google+ currently has low usage and engagement: 90 percent of Google+ user sessions are less than five seconds.”

Google Plus will undergo a slow 10 month transition period which should end next year August. Google Plus user data will be made available during the period.

Google Plus is’nt completely dying though as it will become an Enterprise Tool with “new features purpose-build for businesses”. 

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