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Have you always dreamed of creating your own game? Google’s Area 120, Google Experimental unit has the solution with Game Builder.

Game Builder allows anyone to create 3D games with ease. The software even took a step further by allowing Multiplayer game creation, meaning multiple users can create a game in real-time.

And not only can multiple users create games, they can also play that same game in real time. This software breaks the barrier for creating games by allowing anyone without the coding knowledge to create their own games.

This is in part to its card-based visual programming system which allows users to Drag and drop cards with questions related to “questions” such as “how do i move”. This allows your to create moving platforms, scoreboards, healing potions, drivable cars and more.

What about Graphics? The software gives you thousands of options available to craft your characters. It also comes with Google Poly, Google’s library of 3D elements and templates.

Also to ease the creation of your next game, The Game Builder also allows JavaScript programmers the ability to use the programs API’s customize the game’s functionality to your heart’s content.

So what are you waiting for? check out Game Builder on Steam.

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