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Polish-based Digital Melody has a New Game dedicating to memorizing Faces called “Guess Face”. The Indie Game Dev studio has already created over 17 games in the past such as Timberman, Grab Lab and Diggerman.

DEVELOPER(S): Digital Melody Games
PUBLISHER: Digital Melody Games
PLATFORM(S):  iOS & Android (August 16th 2018)

Guess Face Features:

  • Remember and guess 1000+ funny faces combinations
  • Game Center, Stickers, the best you can have on your mobile
  • Improve Your memory thanks to Last 10 Days statistics
  • Earn ridiculous ranks and achievements
  • Gradually increasing the difficulty for the best feeling of the gameplay
Guess Face - A Memory Game with Faces 1

Gameplay & Video

I bet he had brown hair, I bet she was smiling! Take a look and remember as many details of the face as you can. Collect faces, unlock themes and have fun to check your memory stats! Achieve funny ranks, share collected faces and compare scores with your friends. Guess Face is not only a game, it will help you increase your memory skills and help to track progress.

The app is monetize via in-app purchases such as No Ads! ($0.99), All Themes ($1.99), All Faces ($1.99) and 2000 Diamonds ($2.99).


The game has a 4.5 rating on the App Store and an 4.8 on the Play store.

Addiciting! So fun and amazing!! No ads


This is a great app. Just wanted to inform the makers of a bug that I have encountered after playing the game for a few minutes:
there is a notification symbol (exclamation sign) on the paintbrush icon every time I open the main menu but when I go into it, it has the same two backgrounds that were unlocked before. I get so excited each time, thinking maybe I got a new one ?.


Also, great game, just wish it made it more clear that it was gonna start the game, like a countdown instead of just jumping into it because I always spend a few seconds realizing it started and getting my mind ready. And I wish it made it more obvious every time you got something wrong (bc the animation for getting it wrong has only played once for me). Also, it is the same thing over and over again. It would be nice if there was more than just one type of game in the app or something new was added.

The Game is freely available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

What are your thoughts about Guess Face? Share your thoughts and commentary in the comments section below.

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