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Hello 3.0 - Loginless, Downloadless Video Chats 1

Do you need Quick Video and Audio Calling without the bells and whistles? Hello is a Free Video Chat Software right in your browser.

The Hello platform allows Instant video and/or Audio calling anyone with a unique shared link all in your browser.

How does it work?

Hello 3.0 - Loginless, Downloadless Video Chats 2

Hello does not need a user account nor download a fancy App to get started.

  1. You visit the website and accept the prompt for your camera/mic permission
  2. You copy the link in the bottom right of the screen and share with the person who you want to reach
  3. Wait for them to click the link

Once the Colleague(s) visits the link and accepts the required permissions, You are ready to have a video or Audio chat.

Privacy and Security? 

Hello uses WeBRTC for video communication and a server that serves as a signaling server. It uses WebRTC mesh when more people is added to the call, it means each video stream in a group call is a separate P2P connection. There is no hard limit on the number of people in the group video call, but the quality of the call will decrease when more than 5 people join the call.

How many users can join the video/audio chat? Since it is based on WebRTC, one would assume approximately 10 concurrent users with quality degradation with more users. WebRTC powers a lot of popular software such as  Hangouts, Skype, and others.

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