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Honeycomb, a company which creates education kits for kids has launched “The World first Coding + Music Composer for Kids” via an IndieGoGo campaign.

The Hocokiki  LaunchPad Kit comprises of easy to use hexagonally shaped magnetic blocks for kids age 5+ with various functions. Each block, music blocks and button blocks, can be connected to create your kid’s very own personal music system. 

Hocokiki - The World First Coding and Music Composer For Kids 1

As children grow up in the modern digital world, they have a natural ability to interact with electronic games, and toys. This unique learning kit is an educational toy designed especially for kids and youngsters. The modular system allows nearly endless combinations of builds that are simple to use, educational, as well as fun for the whole family.

Modular Blocks include sound modules of more than 16 instrument sounds, 20 classic songs, 48 music loops, and 96 sounds of animals and nature. These wide collections of sounds allow creative improvisation with an endless number of sounds and songs.

The Hocokiki is very functional with the ability easily turn a block on and off via its simple gesture control for convenience and fun.

Fun is always a vital element of learning for kids which is the reason Hocokiki gives for its evolutionary design which will teach kids not only coding but music composition. The block is designed so that anyone can easily learn coding and programming systems.

Hocokiki - The World First Coding and Music Composer For Kids 2

You can check out the Hocokiki IndieGoGo Campaign landing page for more information about them. 

So what do you think of this cool new device that helps kids learn coding and music composition? Share your thoughts an suggestions in the comments section below.

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