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Gmail recently rolled out a new look for gmail on the web and with it came the ability to access your gmail offline. Previously, If you wanted to read and respond to emails without  the internet, Offline you had to install a Chrome extension which had a mobile design.

The feature also not turned on by default and gives you the ability to access and modify emails offline with syncing of your changes onces your device/PC connects to the internet. The only issue here however is that thisfeature is limited to version 61 and higher of the Google Chrome web browser.

Before considering enabling this feature, you should consider if you are going to access your email on a shared device such as a cafe, family PC and/or siblings device etc. You don’t want hackers accessing the mail that is stored on a device because you turn this feature on.

Each user who wants to work offline must do the following to enable Offline Gmail:

1Ensure you have the new Gmail enabled

2Click the Settings link from the drop-down menu and then Click the “Offline” tab

3Select “Enable Offline Mail” for this computer

This page also gives you details on the amount of storage being used for offline mail and available  to store offline mail in additional options to customize:

  • Sync emails within 7, 30 or 90 days along with enabling or disabling of attachment storage
  • Security – Do you want your data/emails to be deleted once you logout or change your password? Do you want all your data/emails removed from a computeronce you have logged back into gmail? How the stored emails/data for your account will be managed. 

Click Save Changes and follow the directions from there.

Your data will now be stored offline, on your computer. This data will not be deleted when you sign out of your Google account or when you change your password.

In order to delete your accounts data from your device, you will have to disable offline mail and then save the changes if you selected the “Keep offline data on my computer” option.

If you selected the other security option, “Remove offline data from my computer” then the data will need to be resynced when you log into Gmail, taking a couple hours to resync.

Using the feature is now simply refreshing your browser (Activating the feature should have done this) and now emails sent offline will be kept in Outbox folder until the device connects tothe internet.

So there you have it, No more waiting for your  internet to return in order to make changes to your email thanks to the new Gmail Offline feature.

How useful is this feature? Will you be using this feature? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.

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