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Cryptocurrency mining isn’t limited to a particular corporation nor Operating System hence the possibility to mine Ethereum or another currency from your Mac.

Mining Ethereum from a Mac has become increasingly accessible with more user-friendly interfaces being developed. However, native hardware included in most Apple computers might not be enough to turn a profit, yet it is still a great way to get experience with mining.

In general, there are three levels of difficulty in mining: cloud mining, hobby mining, and profit mining. While they are not mutually exclusive, each level requires varying amounts of technical knowledge and hands-on involvement.

Mining Ethereum: What’s Your Purpose?

Cloud mining can be considered the most approachable, however, we recommend extreme caution before proceeding.

For many people, the allure of cloud mining seems like hands-off free money. You simply rent hardware from someone else for an agreed amount of time. They manage the miners, organize the pool, and optimize the operation for best returns on investment.

Hobby mining is likely the basket you are in with aspirations of learning more and possibly scaling up your hardware in the future. Hobby mining is any mining that you can do while full-well knowing that you won’t be turning an active profit.

It doesn’t take a lot to start hobby mining, in fact, almost any computer can mine at least a CPU friendly coin like Monero or Ethereum. Hobby mining is often restricted to the hardware that you have around, perhaps an old computer or hard drive (in the case of mining Storj).

Profit mining is the next logical evolution as you get more serious about the operation. As the name implies, the goal here is to decrease your inputs and increase your outputs. In terms of mining, your inputs are time, inventory, and operational costs like electricity. Your outputs are the coins you mine. If the value of inputs is less than the value of outputs then you have profit!

Getting Started – How to Mine Ethereum on Mac

Assuming you are here for hobby mining, there are a couple of methods to mine Ethereum on a Mac. Mining professionally from a Mac is possible, however, the more established route is to use a Windows Operating System (OS) or a custom Linux based Ethereum OS like ethOS.

Desktop Mining with Minergate

Minergate UI
The look of the Minergate User Interface


There are limited ways to mine Ethereum on a Mac currently as the difficulty to do so is surpassing the limitations of a CPU. A more direct solution would be to leverage your Mac’s CPU to mine other altcoins which are more CPU friendly.

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