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The Challenge

In our fast-paced, on-the-go, hyper-digitized world, the basics of life get lost in the shuffle of go, go, go.

We lose touch with the biological rhythms of our bodies and the natural world. We don’t eat properly, craving sugar and salt under the stress of modern-day life. We don’t sleep properly, feeling tired when we wake up and wide-awake when it’s time for bed.

What if there were a way to combine the best of both worlds? What if it were possible to stay connected – literally connected –  to our digital life while simultaneously invoking our relationship with the natural world to help our bodies operate in a sustainable and healthy manner?

The Solution

HyperCube, the wireless charging station and sleep aid, can help us stay connected while reaping the benefits of feeling unplugged. This device charges everything from your smart-device-life while it also mimics Mother Nature to help you unwind in the evening and wind up in the morning.

Charge It

HyperCube: Wireless Charging Station & Sleep Aid, the Ultimate Sleep Gadget 1

Before we start singing lullabies, let’s talk about the nitty gritty charging functions of the HyperCube. If your iPhone, Apple Watch, AND AirPods lose their charges simultaneously, there’s charging space for all three via Qi wireless charging on the HyperCube.

Or… if you have a Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, or LG G8, you’ll have plenty of wireless charging space, as well. The HyperCube is an equal opportunity charger. And three devices of any sort can charge at once.

In addition to the multi-device charging space, the HyperCube also charges an iPhone 50% faster than other wireless chargers and Samsung twice as fast.

The modular design of the device allows three modes of structure: flat, cube, or stacked, depending on whether it’s sitting on your nightstand or packed in your messenger bag. Pack up the HyperCube to bring to the office or bring on holiday. Portable and battery-powered, it is a wireless – wireless charger!

Let’s Sleep On It

HyperCube: Wireless Charging Station & Sleep Aid, the Ultimate Sleep Gadget 2

Okay, now, we can sing lullabies. Seriously, what are we doing to ourselves when we don’t get enough sleep? A lack of sleep weakens our immune system, preventing us from effectively fighting infection, causing a longer recovery time, which then increases our risk of chronic illness! Yikes!

Plus, sleep deprivation causes the release of insulin, which increases our FAT storage, not to mention puts us at a higher risk for type 2 diabetes. Youch!

As if being sick and fat weren’t bad enough, a lack of sleep negatively impacts our blood pressure maintenance, sugar levels, and inflammation control among many other undesirable health effects.

No wonder we will search everywhere to find a sleep solution!

Searching for “Sleep”

If you type “sleep” in your search browser, 2 ½ TRILLION results pop up in less than a second. If you type “noise machine” in your search browser, half a BILLION results pop up in half a second. If you type… well, you get the idea.

There is A LOT of information about sleep and A LOT of devices to aid sleep out there. Sleep-supporting tech gadgets range from sleep trackers to light bulbs to snoring solutions.

How can the HyperCube help you achieve your sleep goals?

Rock-a-Bye Baby

Choose from HyperCube’s library of sleep sounds on the app or on the LED touch screen to help you fall asleep. The HyperCube Bluetooth Speaker Base not only provides the power supply, but it also comes equipped with four speakers, one for each corner of the base, creating 360-degree sound.

In preparation for your morning ritual, you can hop on the HyperCube app to customize the gradual increase of light and sound that serves as your alarm clock. Or HyperCube offers pre-programmed sunrise simulators for your wake-up call. Sunrise simulator sounds a lot better than the beep! beep! beep! of your typical alarm clock!

Extra Touches

HyperCube: Wireless Charging Station & Sleep Aid, the Ultimate Sleep Gadget 3

HyperCube’s LED light panel serves as a reading light, nightstand lamp, or mood light featuring color options.  Yes, I’ll take a purple room! The LED touch screen showcases the clock and controls for the light, sound, and alarm functions, all of which are also accessible via the HyperCube app.

The 20,000 mAh battery provides hours of charging, light, and music. And to make the HyperCube nothing short of adorable, the device can also include a remote night light or a few night lights as add-ons, activated by tapping the HyperCube.

Good night!

HyperCube: Wireless Charging Station & Sleep Aid, the Ultimate Sleep Gadget 4

The HyperCube allows you to stay connected to your digitized world while also helping you disconnect at the end of your day through its audio file offerings. After a good night’s rest, HyperCube then helps you emerge into the day as peacefully as possible, enabling you to be your best self in the pursuit of your dreams and goals.

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