ICO Estimator – Is My Token A Security? Find with the Power of AI

Reading Time: 1 minute(Last Updated On: July 5, 2018)

Looking for a way to tell whether a potential token is a Security an In which Jurisdiction? ICO Estimator is a tool that does just that via the power of AI.

The Platform currently has 5 Jurisdictions when it comes to securities laws. They are USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland and Germany.

What Is ICO Estimator?

We developed a free software that estimates how likely a particular blockchain token is a security under federal securities laws of the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong. It can be found under www.ico-estimator.com.

The Software consists of a free survey of 25 questions which help to determine the status of your token and the jurisdictional alignments.

The Survey

What is also interesting is that the test is based on Reuben Bramanathan (Coinbase) ICO framework. The Survey can be taken in 3 quick an easy step listed below.

  • Step 1: Review each characteristic and determine whether or not it applies to the token
  • Step 2: Select Yes or No for each characteristic from the drop-down menu
  • Step 3: Get your free results at the end of the test.

In the end, this test will only produce nothing more than an estimate which in most cases is very useful. The Overall Risk Score and the categories of likelihood are a guide only. Token Investors should always seek further legal advice prior to starting an ICO.

The platforms even has a Telegram Channel for News and “Explanations” at https://t.me/icoestimator.

Check out the Free ICO Estimator tool at thier website.

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