ICO’s Weekly: OSA, Ligercoin, Credits.Energy, Belotto and more

  • ICO’s Weekly: OSA, Ligercoin, Credits.Energy, Belotto and more
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A ICO’s Weekly is a In-frequent weekly brief introduction of upcoming ICO’s during a given week.


The world’s first decentralized, AI-driven marketplace providing real-time solutions to retailers, manufacturers and consumers.

The Ethereum ERC-20 Based token will be a total of 2.8 Billion OSA tokens created for which 1 OSA is 0.0002 ETH. The Crowdsale has already been ongoing since May 21 2018 and ends on June 21 2018.

You can learn more about the project and its ICO by reading the whitepaper of visit its website.

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Ligercoin – LIC

LIGER seeks to build an expansive community of users in Casinos, Fantasy Sports and Live Sports Betting spaces. It aims to be the cryptocurrency of choice that offers a trustworthy platform for exciting gaming experiences without the hassles of delay in payments, exchanges or fear of dubious activities.

LIGER seeks to decentralize the marketplace for online and offline gaming, making it intermediary free. The Unique Staking Mechanism offered by Liger brings back trust between gamers and merchants by giving the option to gamers to play ‘for’ the casino and get a ratio of the winnings, as per a Smart Contract. Liger will also implement Token Burning in order to prevent dumping of Tokens while maintaining a stability in prices and an increased demand at the Exchanges.

Liger Tokens has a huge total of 2.7 Billion Ethereum ERC-20 based Tokens. Liger takes a intresting structure by burning tokens in order to inflate the tokens value, the video below helps to explain allocations/burning.

The Liger ICO is already ongoing since April 18 an will end on the 1st August 2018.

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Credits.Energy – CX

CRED is a new Cryptonight token that is supported by & supports renewable Energy; a crypto with purpose. It’s a complete ecosystem with a mobile app on iOS & Android that will allow the mining of CRED!

The Monero based token has over 1OO trillion CX tokens at a price of $0.01 USD to 1 CX token hence 100 CX is $100 USD. The ICO has been ongoing since April 2 and continue until July 2 2018.

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Belotto – BEL

We bring transparency into the lottery business and combine our tech knowledge with the amazing blockchain to make more millionaires in the most honest way.

The Ethereum ERC-20 Belotto has a total supply of 1.2 Billion BEL tokens with Each BEL tokens is valued at $0.20 ($0.12 Pre-sale) USD per token.

The Token Pre-Sale has been ongoing since April 28 and will come to a close on May 31st 2018. The Public Crowdsale will be available on May 31st until its closing at the end of summer, August 30 2018.

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The INGOT COIN is a unique and cumulative ecosystem that combines all the elements needed to store, manage and transfer cryptographic and traditional assets. Governed by smart contracts and decentralized technology protocols INGOT COIN will establish IC Digital Bank with an integrated cryptographic wallet to provide an entry, exit and storage points for both fiat and crypto currencies.

Furthermore the ecosystem combined with a digital exchange and brokerage will allow users to easily exchange fiat as well as crypto currencies with traditional assets like stocks, commodities and other currencies. A second part to the IC solution is the IC Accelerator and IC Certifier which will provide training, certification, rating, consultations and other services for the token economy.

The main benefit of the IC solution is that it provides participants to access traditional banking services, crypto currency liquidity pools, cryptographic wallets and traditional assets markets.

The Ethereum ERC-20 Token Has a total supply of 120 Million Tokens with 1 ICO token being valued at $1 USD.

The ICO Presale has been ongoing since the 1st of May and comes to a close on the 30th of June 2018. The IC Token Public ICO will begin on the 1st  of July 2018.

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Trilliant – TRIL

Fractional Ownership Programs for Cryptocurrency ATMs Trilliant makes the highly lucrative cryptocurrency ATM business accessible to everyone.

Cryptocurrencies are now everywhere. Bitcoin has become mainstream and the surge of many blockchain-based enterprises has changed the way companies operate today. While many of these companies focus on technology, Trilliant is creating the infrastructure for this environment.
Just like withdrawing money from traditional ATMs, in the near future anyone can withdraw and deposit their cryptocurrencies at one of our next-generation terminals.
This is why you should not only invest in cryptocurrencies, but also in the surrounding infrastructure. The Trilliant Fractional Ownership Program now gives you the opportunity to purchase a personal piece of one of our fully-serviced cryptocurrency ATMs.
Independent from cryptocurrency prices, your own Fractional Ownership Units let you participate in our lucrative crypto hardware, while we do all the work. All you need are TRIL Tokens to purchase your Ownership Units.


The token has a hard supply of 40 Million TRIL Tokens where each token is priced at 0.00125 ETH. This ICO see’s the ERC-20 based TRIL Tokens being offered on 11th August 11 and ending on 21st August 2018 for its Public Token Sale.

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Which of the ICO’s have your atention? Did we miss one of your favourite ICO’s? Feel free to your opinions below in the comments.