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Kidy is yet another Search Engine which is designed for Kids but Kidy is unique in that it does it in a more intelligent manner using the Power of Artificial Intelligence. It is an AI Powered search engine for kids going beyond competitors such as Kiddle and Kidrex. is an intelligent search engine aimed at children. We know what your kid likes. Our search results emphasize kid-related webpages for them to learn, play and think.

There are many child-friendly website and applications out there, Facebook has a dedicated child-friendly video chat & messaging app called Messenger Kids.

Kidy filters the world of spams, advertisements, business sites, stocks etc. Kidy opts out all non-interesting web pages for your kids.

We don’t believe in controlling, but educating. Apart from simply blocking adult keywords, Kidy blocks adult content and suggest webpages which give proper education.

The Search Engine goes beyond being a Safe Search Filtered of Google Results and Educates its target audience. An example can be seen below for a “How to Smoke Weed?”:


If you search for the very same results on Google, you would be provided with Expert adult content on how to actually go about smoking weed.

The Search Engine, in this case, provided Intelligent educating via the comment tip and focused articles. The Search Engine even automatically improves results over time with the power of Artificial Intelligence.

So Kidy essential not just blocks adult keywords or Kidy blocks adult content but takes it a step further to suggest web pages which give proper education.

Check out the Intelligent Search Experience for Kids

I like the Initiative taken by this search engine to not simply be a filter search engine like a majority of the Child-friendly search engines out there. The Platform uses the amazing power of AI to enhance the search experience and educate its target audience… Children.

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