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Looking for a safe way to store your loved ones valuable? From makers of crypto portfolio tracker Whalefolio.

The Whalefolio cryptocurrency portfolio allows you to easily keep track of your cryptocurrency balances accross exchnages and wallets.

Locketry is aimed to solve yet another cryptocurrency user paint point. The pivotal issue of security and continuity.

Why Locketry?

It solves the issue of your loved ones not being able to access your assets, keeping a digital copy of your will, keeping a copy of your private keys or even a deadman switch, event trigger.

A locket typically holds symbolic emotional value to its wearer beyond Jewelry, storing love ones or style. Locketry takes this purpose even further as a multi-useful digital tool:

  • Private Keys
  • Wills
  • Digital Assets
  • Dead Man’s Switch

How will it do this? Using the power of Ethereum Smart contracts which will be deployed using Locketry’s extremely user friendly Dashboard which is hinted to in a screenshot on its landing page.

No confirmation on an exact release date, The website does, however, Note that Locketry is “Coming Soon” and we all gracefully await further info.

This makes for a great product which solves vital pain points not just for cryptocurrency adopters but the average consumer.

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