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Cooperative Switch shooting gallery, Mad Bullets is available from since Friday July 7, at a discounted pre-order price.
Mad Bullets, a whacky cooperative western themed rail shooter by IsTom Games is available for pre-orders on the Nintendo Switch, starting today. The game becomes available for downloads in a week, until that players can get their hands on it on a discounted price.

Mad Bullets, the wildest Wild West shooter will put your reflexes and laughing muscles to an intensive test. No need to worry about convoluted stories, complicated controls, or irritating tutorials – four players can jump right into the mind-blowing action, and blow up some rough-tough bandits, dangerous wildlife and culturally misplaced ninjas. Become the hero of the Wild West and shoot your way through several levels, with unique challenges, either as a lone drifter, or gang up with three of your friends, and find out which one of you is the quickest, meanest son of a gun on the Wild West.


  • Quick and intuitive shooting action
  • Colorful cartoony Wild West themed graphics
  • Dozens of whacky character types – both enemies and civilians
  • Local coop, with leaderboards – gang up with three of your friends
  • Several levels, with added challenges
  • Also, we had some ninjas lying around. So, there are ninjas.

On the 12 of July the game will be made available on the Nintendo eShop.

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