Marvel’s Captain Marvel Official Trailer has Finally Arrived

Reading Time: 3 minutes(Last Updated On: September 20, 2018)

Marvel released the first official trailer of the Upcoming Captain Marvel Film. The film will see Captain Marvel gets caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.


  • The trailer begins with Captain Carol Danvers falling from the sky of LA before landing through the roof of a Blockbuster Video store. The Blockbuster store acts as a perfect time indicator for the 90’s.
  • The next shot see’s here looking around the store before another shot sees her walking through the streets ending up at a Train station wearing a green/silver looking Captain Marvel outfit, staring concerned around the station.
  • Flashing scenes of a gradually lit hallway.
  • Someone places the thumb on a biometric scanner, Two figures emerge from a gradually lit hallway. This is highly likely to be a SHIELD facility.
  • Captain Marvel wearing a wearing a SHIELD hat emerging from the corner of possibly this same building housing the hallway.
  • A singularly lit room with Nick fury holding a rifle in one hand to the ceiling and possibly holding an ice pack over his right eye in the other hand. This hints at the cut which was seen in the sneak peaks images and events running up to him losing that eye entirely. A medical examiner examines an alien body on an operating table (Logically a Skrull) and another figure in a business suit overlooking the scene, Agent Colson.
  • Nick Fury says “Space Invasion” while an Alien ship, most likely the Skrulls uncloaks/materializes in front of a much smaller ship, a SHIELD class Ship above the earth.
  • Fury says “Car Chase” while a Car crashes into another car and Captain Marvel jumps onto a moving train then using her powers on an unseen target.
  • Fury walks down a medical facilities hall, Most likely after receiving info during the medical examiner scene.
  • Police vehicles pull up to a Diner, Captain Marvel meets Nick Fury. They have a chat driving through a desert highway.
  • A ship with TRON-like lights zips into an unknown planet (very fuzzy)
  • Captain Marvel looking through a beehive-y designed window of a building on another planet which has tall buildings, passing ships.
  • An aircraft hanger opens, two women, Maria Rambo aka “Photon” and another air force pilots slowly walk to their jets.
  • A lady hangs from a rope looking down, she then jumps rope to rope before falling. We are likely met with a childhood memory of a falling little girl, a young person making a baseball slide and finally a much older Carol falling back in a crater with a blue glow coming from her hands.
  • A suited Captain Marvel lays back on a bed while electrical beam likely examines her head, held upside down in what is possibly the Kree/Skrull ship.
  • The word “Discover” appears then the Star Force lead Captain Marvel in front all wearing the same green/silver/black outfit, walk up into a blue-lit spaceship. An orange eyed member of the group stares from the ship’s entrance in surprising terror.
  • Another memory/flashback of a gradual topsy-turvy transition of a circus, a young girl riding a tricycle, goggles and a helmet. The flashes end with captain marvel in a spaceship touch its windows.
  • Girl stairs in awe, We see Skrull Leader Talos and other Skrull’s appear on a beach.
  • An old lady smiles at Captain Marvel on a train after which she gives the old lady a punch in the face. This is obviously connected to the earlier train scenes and the old lady is possibly a shapeshifting  Skrull.
  • A bridge, highly likely on another planet, explodes from shots being shot it like from a spacecraft. 
  • A Kree, Ronin looks down at earth from his ship, Agent Colson of SHIELD removes dramatically his sunglasses. Nick Fury views the text “WITH TARGET” on his pager (one from Avengers: Infinity Wars?) which he then places on his holster.
  • The Team Captain Marvel is on glides through a body of water wearing blue lit helmets. Someone, most likely Carol receives a blue power pulse/energy. Carol hangs tightly from depressurized spacecraft.
  • Another shot of her on the ground in a white USAFA shirt, childhood memory on the beach? standing up in a USAFA shirt, in an Airforce jumpsuit and finally in a short of her captain Marvel Glove as she clinches her fist.
  • C. Marvel says ” I don’t Know who you think I am?” staring mystified. The Captain powers up in here red/blue/gold suit while staring at the camera with high intent and glowing golden eyes before ending with Marvel Studios Captain Marvel Logo.

Easter Eggs and Explanations

Captain Marvel hits theatres in March 2019 and we can’t wait to see where this tale takes the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Did we miss a scene? How excited are your for this film? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.