Microsoft Launcher receives a Cortana Update

Reading Time: 2 minutes(Last Updated On: April 14, 2018)

Microsoft made a huge update to their Microsoft Launcher app, An app that allows you to connect your Windows Experience with your Android Mobile device. The has been installed on over 50 Million mobile devices since being added to the Google Play Store.

The Microsoft Launcher competes with the likes of the Google’s Pixel Launcher and Samsung’s TouchWiz just to name a few. Updates to the App Launcher Included:

  • Additional Languages – Arabic/RTL languages
  • Remote wiping – if your mobile device gets lost or stolen, you can now wipe the devices thanks to InTune integration. Microsoft InTune is Microsoft’s mobile management supporting a diverse range of mobile operating systems inclusive of iOS, Android, Windows and macOS.
  • Allows for easy app sharing via QR code and/or Near Field Communication ( NFC )
  • The ability to search apps contacts and pin them to the home screen

Now Cortana, your personal digital assistant comes in the Microsoft Launcher: make a call, schedule meetings, change wallpaper, Continue on PC or read the headlines! ( en-US, en-GB, en-CA, en-AU, zh-CN )

The feature that has us buzzing is the addition of Microsoft’s Cortana Voice Assistant. The New Cortana Addition will allow you to use the ‘Digital Assistant’ to “make a call, schedule meetings, change the wallpaper, Continue on PC or read the headlines! ”

Microsoft Launcher Cortana screenshot

The Launcher was renamed from Arrow Launcher to the Microsoft Launcher back in 2015, was born via a Microsoft’s Garage Project, Microsoft’s outlet for employee projects that they are passionate about.

The app allows Microsoft the opportunity to complement it’s products and service with the huge mobile App ecosystem.

The app allows for universal search along with Features such as gesture customization, personalization (via icon packs, themes and accent colours), the valuable ‘continue on PC ‘ features which allow you to take a picture on your phone and immediately see it on your Windows PC.

These new features should offer Microsoft Cortana a firm grip in the voice assistant marketing involving Google’s Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Samsung’s Bixby.

Microsoft Launcher
Microsoft Launcher
Price: Free
  • Microsoft Launcher Screenshot
  • Microsoft Launcher Screenshot
  • Microsoft Launcher Screenshot


So what do you think of this update to the Microsoft launcher? Will you use the Launcher now that it has Cortana? Will Cortana reign as Queen of Mobile Voice assistants on Android?

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