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Popular Domain Name Registrar, Namecheap has acquired Launchaco, a which is a website builder which also includes a logo builder, name suggestion, domain registration and affordable website hosting.

Namecheap is committed to “bring you all the Internet services you need, at the prices and with the levels of service we’re renowned for”. This acquisition would, therefore, be a perfect fit to its growing list of products/services such as the recent Namecheap VPN.

Launchaco is the creation of Marc and Cameron under a year ago and has not left its beta status. The platform has been on Producthunt twice, Last year September where it was the 3rd most popular Product of The Day and the 4th most popular Product of The Day on January 2018.

The platform has been used to help 7,000 startups launch their websites.

The acquisition means the service will stop the acceptance of new registrations on November 9th, 2018.

“We’re excited to have Cameron and Marc join our team to help us bring a simple and intuitive site builder to our customers. We are always striving to create unique and memorable experiences, something we’ll keep top of mind as we work together to design and build this new tool for our customers.”

Namecheap CEO Richard Kirkendall said about the acquisition

Active account holders will receive instructions via email on how to migrate their websites to Namecheap in early 2019.

Premium Account holders will “be offering a free year of membership at the time of transferring your website to Namecheap”. 

Sadly, The popular Logo creator be removed in its current form and possibly integrated into the website builder in the future. This news in mind, Users are bieng asked to download thier logos from the service.

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