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With gross revenue of more than $43 million, Netflix tops Sensor Tower’s list of the “top grossing apps in the U.S. for November 2018 on the App Store and Google Play”.Netflix & Candy Crush Saga Tops US List of Grossing Apps for November 1

Netflix being top of the list due to the high usage of the streaming service on mobile devices by US consumers. It is interesting that while Netflix is the leader of the App store in terms of revenue, it isn’t also the top grossing app on the Google Play store which is lead by Casual Game, Candy Crush Saga.

The list also includes top grossing app was Candy Crush Saga, followed by PandoraTinder, and Pokémon GO.

The list is generated using Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence service which provides its users with in-depth breakdowns of app revenue and app download estimates in addition to historical performance metrics.

Netflix and Both Netflix and Candy Crush Saga have occupied the top two positions for grossing apps in the U.S. since January, with Netflix ranking number one for five months and Candy Crush Saga taking the top spot for six months.

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