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A PixelBook 2 has been spotted via an Online Ad way beyond its planned release date. Google plans to unveil the device at its October 9 hardware event in New York.

The event has the possibility of not only a new Pixel 3 Phone but multiple Pixelbook devices. News of the leak comes on the heels of a yet-to-be-released detachable Chromebook, “Nocturne”, The first of its kind.

A similar leak occurred around last years #madebygoogle event in San Francisco Google event where online ads were spotted for the unreleased new Chromebook. 

A similar leak has happened as an Ad showing a new PixelBook device was spotted by an Anonymous ChromeUnboxed reader.

The Ad had the common look of Chromebook ads but a closer look suggests a new Chromebook and directed the user to the Pixelbook entry of the Google Store which presented a 404 error.

New Pixelbook 2 Leaks via Online Ads 1

The comparison highlights major differences between the first generation of Pixelbooks and this unknown Pixelbook. The New Pixelbook keeps the great design aesthetics of its first generation while offering a more reduced/compact design.

Not much on the specifications can be identified from this leak hence we look forward to its launch at the Google Hardware Event in New York in the next 31 days. 

So what do you thin of this little sneakpeek at Googles new Pixelbook? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.

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