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Are you frequently checking your smartphone and would love to kick this Habit to the Curb? NoPhone is a minimalist Android App Launcher dubbed “A Restraining Order from Your Phone”.

The App is the creation of 19-Year-Old Indian App Developer, Aswin Mohan who previously made the HackNews App, “Not an Ugly Hacker News Reader” available on the Play Store. Aswin also created The Tet Todo List Web App which deletes Your Todos, Now offline based on a visit to the website given on Product Hunt.

NoPhone Features

Feature List:

  • Can be Set as Home Screen (It’s a launcher of course)
  • Can make Calls
  • Can Hold Your Todos
  • Can Open Maps

The App replaces your cluttered default App launcher with one only consisting of Tasks, Calls and Directions. So Your Focus is only on completing Tasks, Making/accepting calls and Finding your way to the local coffee shop.

So that is No more access to your Social Media, Browsing the web, taking photos, playing music, Just the 3 Life Oriented Functions you truly should desire.

This is Ideal for resolving the issue of using your smartphone too often and removing distractions but surely isn’t for everyone.

The App is available for Download on the Google Play Store with the possibilities for an iOS version given the following reply from the app developer on the Product Hunt entry:

@fosterhank iOS does not permit the same level of customisation that Android Supports. But this app is written in React Native, so we can expect a standalone iOS app soon.

So If your one with the habit for using your smartphone too often… this is the App Launcher for you. Feel free to leave your feedback on whether the NoPhone App launcher can actually solve the issue of checking your phone too often or if there are any other solutions out there for this ever-growing problem.

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