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NoteRiot changes the landscape with its Decentralized Note taking App.

There are many apps you can use to take notes for whichever purpose you may need to make notes. Most of these apps like Evernote and Google Keep are centralized or store on some server own by a third party.

What is NoteRiot?

NoteRiot is a decentralized version of Google Docs. Write, edit, and save your most bestest words directly on the blockchain.

The app is made possible by Blockstack, a set of tools to build decentralized apps.

Our Usage Journey

In order to use the decentralized App, you have to “Login with Blockstack”.

NoteRiot - Decentralized Note App 1

This account would allow you to not only use the App but all the other Blockstack Decentralized apps out there. I don’t personally don’t have an have such an account hence I will click “Create new ID”,the process below.

At the end of all that registration I ended with an empty page hence I headed back to the App’s website and used the “Login” option.

Once Logged In, The User Interface looks like the following:

NoteRiot - Decentralized Note App 11

The Material Design Looking User Interface has much the same look as Google Keep.

At the top of the page is a Search box which you can use to search through the tons of possible notes you will be storing on the platform. On the left, there are various labels such as Work, ToDo, Work and Home.

Below labels are the recycle bin where deleted items go, Export which allows you to export via MarkDown format, a link to the help page and the logo out button.

If you want to create a New Note Entry, Just click the floating “+” button in the bottom right of your screen.

NoteRiot - Decentralized Note App 12

The app uses the Markdown format which is a lightweight and easy-to-use syntax for styling all forms of writing. There are the options to Tagged, select a particular colour or Favorited your Note.

Once You have created a note, Your homepage should look something like the following:

NoteRiot - Decentralized Note App 13

Test Verdict

The app is a perfect alternative to Google Keep or Evernote and get to have the great benefits of its decentralized nature.

What the NoteRiot lacks are features such as:

  • more export formats
  • naming having a note for titles (like Google Keep)
  • oh, and fixing that registration bug.

The app has a far way in development since it is still in Alpha software which means bug fixes and a few additional features are sure to be added in the future.

What are your thoughts on this cool Decentralized App? Share your thoughts below in our comments.

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