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The is Speed Dial and then there is Noti Dialer. Kooky Bytes has launched a new app which allows users to call directly from their lock screen and Notification Panel of the Andriod Device.

Kooky Bytes is the creators of the Arduino Prefect app which allows you to learn Arduino programs, tutorials and projects.

Publisher/Developer:Kooky Bytes Development
Release date: Updated
Pricing: $0.75



The App provides a quick way to make called without the need to unlock your device.

The Noti Dialer app places prechosen phone numbers on your devices lock screen and Notification Panel. The app is truly flexible, allowing you to turn the feature of whenever you need.


  • You Don’t have to unlock the phone, Just Click and Call.
  • Easy and Simple UI to setup Favourites contacts.
  • Easy to turn on or off the panel.
  • Simple and attractive call number icons.
  • Battery Friendly App.
  • Totally Ads Free App.
  • Super Light App, Just 2 Mb

The Noti Dialer Pack a lot of Great features, chief among them a great User Experience which means the app can be installed on a wide cross selection of devices.

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