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HDS.to might not be known to much English-based pirates but the website is very popular with french speaking countries like Belgium, France, Canada and Switzerland.

A Streaming gateway to films and tv shows with such high popularity, it comes as a surprise when the service suddenly went offline only presenting “HDS-TO is permanently closed, Thank you for your understanding and goodbye.” in French.

There were rumours of the website still being accessible via VPN but that hope was squashed by followup notice of:

“Warning! We do not have any accounts on social networks (Twitter, Facebook…). Announcements made by so-called official accounts are misleading,”

“Be careful also of sites that offer you to subscribe to a VPN to access the site, their goal is simply to earn money through an affiliate program when you subscribe to a VPN. Please understand that the site is permanently closed, there is no (VPN, account…) way to access it.”

This notice is however no longer visible as a visit to the website will only present a “404 error” page.

The website had a subscription model of 3.99 euros a month, allowed users to gain “Unlimited Access”. This has been the irk of subscribers and visitors alike who were not given a reason for the closure of the platform.

The obvious “mirror” and copycat websites such as HDSS.to are readily available to fill the void but be sure to consider your security in mind.

So What are your thoughts on this closing by HDS.to? Share your thoughts below in our comments section.

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