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Reading Time: 1 minute(Last Updated On: June 15, 2019)

Xiaomi’s Dedicated app launcher for the Poco phone, the Poco Launcher has received an improved design. Not Only has the android based app launcher received a more refined design but new features and bug fixes.

The Poco Launcher was made for the Pococphone F1 with an app drawer in MIUI 10 before its global release for both MIUI and Non-MIUI based devices. The launcher rivals popularity after Google’s Pixel Launcher and the Nova Launcher.

This Update, Poco launcher features New Full Categories Customization, Dark Mode with some improvement in App Vault and some bug fixes as well.

You can now choose whether or not your would like an App Drawer in MIUI, The default being No app drawer. The Poco launcher brings all New App Vault to all the new users which were needed for a long time in Poco launcher.

Update Notes

What’s new Categories Section got major Update

1. Now you can add, delete, and rename custom app categories. Adding and removing apps from the categories is also supported.
2. We made a lot of minor UI improvements.
3. We boosted overall performance!
4. We fixed some bugs as well.

Key features

Clean Home screen – POCO puts all apps in the App drawer, so your Home screen looks neat and clean. 

Convenient search – App recommendations, icon color categories, and lots of other customizable features allow you to find what you need much faster.

Manage apps – Group apps by category automatically or create custom groups to always keep important things just a tap away.

Customize icons – Use third party icon packs to give your Home screen a truly unique look.

Privacy protection – Keep your apps private by hiding their icons.

Fast and smooth – POCO Launcher is born for breakneck speeds. Forget about slow system animations!

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