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Podcoin is the podcast player that pays. We have every podcast you could ever want, and we pay you to listen to each one. It’s that simple.

Join not only the trend of podcasting but also earn earn tradable points.

10 minutes of listening to your favorite podcasts can generate 1 Podcoin. Based on my personal listening experience, that is some lucrative rewards pontential.

The user earns points by listening via one of its mobile apps which have over 583,764 Podcasts and their 37,302,762 Episodes, that is a lot of potential hours of listening.

Users can then trade those points for cool rewards such as Paypal Cash, Amazon Gift cards, Kindle Oasis, Bose QuietComfort 35 and others.

The app even has a leaderboard of friends, how many hours they have listened and how you rank against them.

This app should be a great way to motivator for listening podcasts and has the potential for additional features.

The Podcoin apps are available for both Android devices and iOS (both iPhone and iPad) via their respective app stores (Google Play and App Store).

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